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All About Costco Mastercard Activation Codes

An activation code is a temporary code you receive from Capital One that’s required to set up your Capital One Costco Mastercard®. You’ll receive your activation code by mail or email before your card arrives. It’s important to note that this code is not your Personal Identification Number (PIN). You’ll use your activation code to set up your PIN. Your PIN is what you’ll use on a regular basis when making purchases.

Activation codes expire after 45 days. If you haven’t used your code to activate your Costco Mastercard in that time, you’ll require a new one. If your activation code hasn’t arrived or gets accidentally discarded or lost before you’re able to use it, you can also request a new activation code. To make this request, call the number on the back of your card. Once you do this, a new activation code will be emailed to you within minutes. At that point, follow the instructions for activating online.