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Account Notification

We want to provide you with an important update about the Hudson’s Bay Credit program. After careful consideration, the relationship between Capital One and Hudson’s Bay will be ending. As a result, you’ll no longer be able to use your card as of May 4, 2021. After that date, once you have paid your balance in full, your account will be closed.

We want to apologize for any inconvenience this decision may cause. We also have some important details to share with you below about your Hudson’s Bay Credit account.

About Your Hudson’s Bay Credit Account
• As of May 4, 2021, you and any authorized users on your account will no longer be able to make purchases.

• If your account has a balance as of that date, be sure to keep making payments to your account.
You can continue to make payments online through your financial institution.

• In-store payments will no longer be accepted after May 3, 2021.

• If you have an outstanding balance, including a balance on a Promotional Plan, or any pending transactions on May 4, 2021, your account terms will continue to apply, and we’ll send you statements until your account has been paid in full.

• Starting May 4, 2021, once you have no balance owing and no pending transactions at the end of your billing period, your account will be closed. If you have a credit balance on the date we close your account, we’ll send you a cheque in the mail for that amount, in accordance with your account terms.

• If you have any pre-authorized payments billed to your account, like a monthly gym membership or cell phone bill, please make alternative payment arrangements immediately to help ensure continuity of your services. Any transactions that were authorized prior to May 4, 2021 will post to your account, but all future transactions will be declined.

If you have any questions about the information above, please call the number on the back of your credit card.

About Online Servicing for Your Account
You’ll be able to sign in to your Hudson’s Bay Credit online servicing account until May 16, 2021. If you currently receive paperless statements, you’ll begin to receive paper statements in April 2021, and you’ll no longer receive email alerts regarding your statements and payments beginning May 2021.

About Insurance Coverage on Your Account
If you have account balance coverage, your payments and coverage will continue until your account is closed and your balance is paid in full.

Please also note that if you’re currently using your card as a payment option for Hudson’s Bay affiliated insurance programs, including monthly insurance premiums and memberships, please contact your insurance provider immediately to arrange a change to your payment method. A full listing of insurance/membership providers can be found in the footnote on the back of this letter. Phone numbers are listed for ease of reference.

About Hudson’s Bay Rewards
There will be no impact to your Hudson’s Bay Rewards account or your Rewards points. You will still be able to access your Rewards account balance through with your Rewards account information. Continue to check your emails from Hudson’s Bay and for information on the future of the Hudson’s Bay credit program.

Other Important Information
For your security, please make sure you destroy your credit card and ask any authorized users to destroy their card(s) as well.

Thank you for being a Hudson’s Bay Credit customer.


Capital One Card Services and Hudson’s Bay Credit Services


You can contact the insurance provider(s) on your Hudson’s Bay Credit account at the following phone numbers: Chubb Life Insurance Company of Canada: 1-877-534-3655 • Canadian Premier Life Insurance Company: 1-888-305-3755 • Canadian Premier General Insurance Company (formally known as Legacy General): 1-888-305-3755 • Manulife: 1-866-508-2273 • Petline Insurance: 1-800-664-9204 • Aha Insurance: 1-855-242-2440 • Coverdell: 1-877-272-6531

Hudson’s Bay, Hudson’s Bay Rewards, Hudson’s Bay Credit, and their associated designs are trademarks of Hudson’s Bay Company. Credit is extended by Capital One Bank (Canada Branch). © 2021 Capital One. All rights reserved.