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How to Accept a Credit Limit Increase Offer

If you’ve received a credit limit increase offer, you can accept the increase in the Capital One Canada mobile app, in online banking, or over the phone through our automated system. The credit limit increase will only be applied if your account is in good standing at the time of processing.

To view and accept a credit limit increase in the mobile app, look for the notification dot on the “More” menu when you sign in. Don’t have the app? Download it now.

To view and accept a credit limit increase in online banking, sign in to online banking at and select "View Account" for your card. Any available credit limit increase offer will be displayed on the main account page where you see all your transactions listed. You can then click the "View Details" button to review and accept the offer. Don’t have an online banking account? Sign up now.

You can also call our automated system at 1-844-340-5151 to accept your credit limit increase offer.