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Do I Need to Let Capital One Know When I’m Travelling?

Travel notifications are no longer needed! With the added security of your Capital One chip card, you don’t have to tell us when and where you’re travelling, inside or outside Canada.

If you’re worried about unauthorized charges being made to your account, you can relax. As a Capital One cardholder, you’re protected. We provide Zero Liability for unauthorized use of your card while you’re traveling, and we’ll alert you if we see anything suspicious.

That means you won’t pay for any unauthorized purchases on your card as long as you meet these conditions:

  • You’ve used reasonable care in safeguarding your account number and card, your PIN and your password;
  • You haven’t contributed to any unauthorized use of your account; and
  • You notify us immediately if your account number or card is lost or stolen, if somebody discovers your PIN or if a person uses your account without your permission.

For added security, please make sure your contact information is up to date with your current email and mobile phone information before you leave for your trip (sign in to online banking and select Profile from the top drop-down menu). You can also choose to receive alerts for all transactions made outside of Canada.

To update your alerts:

  1. Sign in to online banking. Don’t have an account? Sign up now.
  2. Select Alerts from the drop-down menu in the top right corner.
  3.  Select the checkboxes in the email and/or text columns next to Transaction made outside of Canada.

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