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All About Pending Transactions

A pending transaction is a recent transaction that hasn’t been posted to your account yet. It usually takes 2-5 business days for a pending transaction to officially post to your account.

The amount of the pending transaction is deducted immediately from your available credit. The posted transaction amount you see on your statement may differ from the initial pending transaction amount you saw before it was processed. This can happen with gas transactions (like when you authorize $100 worth of gas at the pump but only need $80 to fill up) or hotel transactions (if you end up charging additional items beyond just the cost of your room).

Pending transactions won’t show up on your statement. To view pending transactions on your Capital One account, sign in to online banking. Don’t have an online banking account? Sign up now. You can also use our mobile app to access your Capital One account. Don’t have the app? Download it now.

Pending transactions can’t be disputed or cancelled through Capital One. Transaction details can change while a transaction is pending, so you may want to wait until the transaction has posted to your account before you determine if it’s incorrect or not. If something doesn’t look right, you can call the merchant directly.

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