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What to Do if You’re Charged the Wrong Amount

Note: Make sure to wait until the transaction has posted as transaction details can change while a transaction is pending. If you’re unsure about a transaction, you can double check your transaction details.

If you were charged the wrong amount, you must first contact the merchant and try to resolve the issue directly with them before filing a transaction dispute with us. If you can’t resolve the dispute directly with the merchant, contact us 15 days after contacting them.

Once you’ve filed a transaction dispute, you can expect the following:

  • A temporary credit will be applied to your account within 15 days (if applicable) that will remain until the investigation is complete.
  • If there wasn't enough evidence to support your dispute of the charge, the credit will be removed and the charge will be reapplied to your account. You'll receive a letter with more information including the merchant's supporting evidence.

Keep any dispute evidence you may have for at least 90 days.