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How to Make a Payment to Your Capital One Mastercard

We recommend you set up Auto Pay on your account to ensure you never miss a payment. You can contact one of our Live Chat agents by signing in to your account in order to set up Auto Pay.

You can also make a payment to your Capital One credit card through your bank account. You can do this by paying through your financial institution’s online banking site:

  1. Sign in to your bank’s online banking site.
  2. Add Capital One Mastercard as a new payee using your 16-digit credit card number as your account number.
  3. Make your payment to Capital One Mastercard.

Note that payments can take 2-3 business days to be applied to your account. If you're close to your credit limit, or have exceeded it, you will not be able to make another transaction until your payment is applied, or ‘posted’, to your account.