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Common Scams to Watch For

The following examples are common scams that target seniors.

The Grandparent Scam
A scammer calls a senior, claiming to be their grandchild. They will then ask the senior to send money through a transfer service in an urgent manner.
Romance Scams
Someone builds a trusting relationship with a senior over social media. Once trust is earned, the scammer will ask for money. This is the number one scam aimed at seniors according to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre.

Account Lockout
A senior receives a fake message from their bank saying that if they don’t click a link, they’ll be locked out of access to their money. Once they click the link, they will be brought to a page asking them to input their financial information.

Gift Card Scam
A senior receives an email or phone call demanding they purchase gift cards or make payments to organizations such as the CRA and IRCC using gift cards or prepaid credit cards.