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All About ID Verification at Canada Post

Due to Canadian Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations, you may need to verify your identity at a Canada Post location. This verification is required by law due to Canadian Anti-Money Laundering regulations, and is also for your identity and credit protection.

This extra verification step applies to eligible primary cardholders only. If you’re an authorized user and your primary cardholder has been asked to complete this step, you’ll need to wait for that to be done before you can start using your card.

If you need to verify your identity, you’ll receive an email after you apply. This email will include a barcode and will ask you to visit a Canada Post location near you.

Preparing for Your Visit to a Canada Post Office

Be sure to bring the following to the post office with you:

  • The email you received, which includes the barcode
  • One (1) of the following pieces of original ID:
    • Canadian passport
    • Canadian drivers' licence
    • Certificate of Indian Status card
    • Permanent resident card
    • Canadian Forces identity card
    • Firearms Possession and Acquisition License
    • Provincial/territorial ID card
    • Quebec health card (we can't ask you to provide a Quebec health card for identification purposes but can accept it if offered)

If there’s no address listed on your ID, Canada Post will require you to show them proof of residence, such as one (1) of the following documents:

  • Major credit card statement along with the related valid credit card
  • Bank statement
  • Residential or rental agreement lease, mortgage statement, or agreement of purchase or sale
  • Insurance policy
  • Vehicle ownership or insurance document
  • Recent utility bill (i.e., telephone, cable TV, public utilities commission, hydro, gas or water)
  • Statement of Employment Insurance benefits paid (T4E)
  • Canada Pension Plan statement of contributions or benefits, or Quebec Pension Plan statement of participation
  • Statement of Old Age Security (T4A)

For a full list of the proof of residence documents that Canada Post can accept, visit our website.

Canada Post will record your information and send it to us securely. Once we’ve verified your information, you should receive your card via regular mail in 10 business days. You’ll receive your PIN separately for security purposes.

If you choose not to provide the required information to verify your identity, Capital One will need to cancel your application.