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How to Activate a New Card

Call our automated activation system at 1-888-655-5646. Just be sure to have both your new credit card and PIN before you call. 

Your PIN should arrive a couple of days after your card arrives. If you've misplaced it or it doesn't arrive, you can request another copy of your PIN by visiting our Contact Us page and speaking to a customer service representative. We'll then mail another PIN to the address attached to your credit card account. As a security measure, our customer service agents cannot view or change your PIN. The only way to receive a PIN is through the mail.

Tips for creating a strong PIN:


  • Select a unique PIN that will be hard for others to guess
  • Update your PIN regularly
  • Keep your PIN to yourself


  • Choose sequential numbers (example: 1,2,3,4 or 5,6,7,8)
  • Use your birthday or other personal info
  • Re-use a PIN you use elsewhere

If you have activated your card successfully, it will now be ready to use.

If your card has an annual membership fee, it will be charged once you activate your card or make your first transaction (excluding a balance transfer) on your account.